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Looking for a podiatrist in Peoria, AZ, Wickenburg, AZ or Goodyear, AZ? Welcome to Dr. Bangart’s practice.   As licensed podiatrists in Peoria, AZ, we believe patients deserve to have the information necessary to make educated choices about their foot and ankle care.  Some of our specialties include but are not limited to:   stitch-less hammer toe procedures, non surgical treatment of heel pain, total ankle replacement, neuromas, and plantar fasciitis.   Dr. Bangart is an expert in custom molded high tech, functional orthotics that can relieve pain and correct the mechanical function of your feet.  

Our foot and ankle doctor's goals are to educate each patient and begin a relevant treatment program with the highest quality of care available.  Whatever the foot and ankle trouble, our specialists will work to find the answers that will bring comfort and relief.

Our main office is conveniently located in Peoria, AZ.   We also have locations in Wickenburg, AZ and Goodyear, AZ. We invite you to email or call our office 623-974-0522 with any questions or click here to request an appointment.

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